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Return Policy

Marden Web Design always provides a complete written estimate with each website project. Once the client agrees to the scope of work and estimated cost, Marden, Inc. issues a contract with the payment terms, timelines and scope of work. Each client is required to submit a 50% down payment at the contract signing in order to begin the project. The 50% down payment can be made by credit card, business check or personal check. The amount of the down payment covers all labor costs involved in creating the initial design, images, customizing widgets, creating the main and sub navigation infrastructure, establishing the hosting account, and setup and mapping of the domain name.

Once the first phase of the project is completed the client is required to view the initial set up, approve or request modifications to the design, and submit all proofread content to Marden Web Design. The client will be billed the 40% mid payment that will cover the costs of continued development of the site including content implementation, addition of customized graphics and teaser boxes, addition of photos, etc. The mid payment amount can be paid by credit card, business check or personal check. Clients have access to the development server during this stage of the process to view progress of the website.

Once all of the content is approved and the site is built and deployed to the live server, clients are required to make and issue final approval via e-mail. At this time we will bill the final 10% This amount can be paid by credit card, business check or personal check.

We do NOT issue refunds for any reason including but not limited to the following: