Business Catalyst CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple

Dennis Dunleavy - Monday, April 14, 2014

CMS Made Simple

CMS Made SimpleWhy do we use and recommend the Adobe Business Catalyst CMS to our clients?

Business Catalyst is a fully integrated, secure application. It has a built-in CRM (customer relationship management) system, eCommerce, Email Marketing and Content Management wrapped into one system, with no extra software add ons, plugins or messy updates needed.

Business Catalyst is also a fully hosted CMS with 128bit encryption ready to use out of the box on your secure zones, payment forms and eCommerce without the additional $250 per year SSL Certificate purchase and installation.

Business Catalyst is an online business building platform where other CMS solutions are predominantly blogging platforms with added software to gain more functionality like eCommerce, Email Marketing etc. It is also Macintosh and PC compatible, has a full set of knowledgebase articles to access at any time and as premium partners, have access to community forms, live chat and customer case support to help support you.

Your Business Catalyst hosting fee covers for your software user licence, plus all the CMS features and ongoing upgrades, and improvements. No more paying for each patches or reloading software, it is all seamless and continual. This means that overtime with a greater feature set, your Website appreciates in value, which helps to future-proof your site, saving you extra costs.

We enjoy developing with this software and clients gain full control of their online business which makes Business Catalyst our platform of choice.

Check out some of our popular website packages like our Starter Website Package, Business Website Package and eCommerce Website Package.

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I have been in the digital advertising space working with business owners for over 15 years. In 2007 I decided that I wanted my own business so i started Marden Web Design in order to help small business owners promote and sell their products and services online. After working with business owners I found that simple websites were not the answer. I soon discovered what clients really wanted and that was: More profits by getting more customers into the store. More people to know and think about his business outside of the store. Looking cooler than the competition. Having someone help them reach their goals. I enjoy learning about your business, what makes it tick, and what needs improvement. More importantly, listening to your goals and helping you get there.
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